Stockholm International Airport
SIA logo
1 - Aéroport de Miami - Août 2008
Concourse 2 at Stockholm International Airport
Airport type Military/Public
Owner/Operator Metropolitan Stockholm Aviation Authority
Serves Stockholm metropolitan area
Location Stockholm, Qvait
Opened November 20, 2011
Hub for
Focus city for airQvait
Built 2011
In use 2012–present
Occupants Qvaitican Air Force
Direction Length Surface
ft m
13L/31R 15,000 4,572 Asphalt
13C/31C 15,000 4,572 Asphalt
13R/31L 15,000 4,572 Asphalt
4L/22R 15,000 4,572 Asphalt
4C/22C 15,000 4,572 Asphalt
4R/22L 15,000 4,572 Asphalt
9R/27L 13,000 3,962 Asphalt
9L/27R 13,000 3,962 Asphalt
Number Length Surface
ft m
H1 63 19 Asphalt
H2 63 19 Asphalt
H3 63 19 Asphalt
H4 63 19 Asphalt
H5 63 19 Asphalt
H6 63 19 Asphalt
H7 63 19 Asphalt
H8 63 19 Asphalt

Stockholm International Airport (EUATA: SIA, ICAO: SIX) is an airport in Stockholm, the capital of Qvait.


Construction (2010–2012)Edit

Opening and progress (2012–present)Edit


Facilities and aircraftEdit


Concourse 1Edit

Since 2011, Concourse 1 of Stockholm International Airport has been reserved for airQvait.

Concourse 2Edit

Concourse 3Edit

Concourse 4Edit

Concourse 5Edit

Airlines and destinationsEdit


Airlines Destinations Concourse
Air Miraco Mertz C3
airQvait Amsterdam, Brisbane, Cairns, Chicane, Chicane–Knight, Darwin, London, Graz, Portland, Rotterdam, Salem, Sydney, Toronto, Yvette C1
airQvait Aerodimus, Kaldoon, Haladan Province, Mertz, Mestokart, Milić, New Frontier, Port Harbour, Yellownak, Last Point, Taloshiin, Stratton Beck C1
Coreliair Aerodimus, Kaldoon, Haladan Province, Port Harbour, Yellownak, Last Point, Taloshiin, Stratton Beck C3
European Airways Mertz, Mestokart C2
Orcando Airlines Bridgeton, Peace City, Silvertown C4


Military useEdit

Air Force Base StockholmEdit

Coast Guard Air Station StockholmEdit

Airport featuresEdit

Feature Opening Closing
Public services
SIA Fire Station March 8, 2012
SIA Medical Center March 8, 2012
SIA Police Station March 8, 2012
CuppaCoffee September 20, 2013

Ground transportationEdit


Bus and taxiEdit

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